About Us


“Alangayam Fransalian Institute for Aid and Training Society” in which Friendly Home is a Unit, is an Initiative of MSFS – South East India Province. This project of our province paved way for many rural children, mostly Orphans and Semi-Orphans who feel accepted and welcomed with family atmosphere to be in Friendly Home. This missionary zeal for the souls has now become more enthusiastically dynamic in its active involvement with upbringing of the poor and deserving children widely being recognized by the public. At present it has got 4 houses, one administrative block, 39 children, and 4 care takers ( of which one is a volunteer from Germony). There are also two cooks to look after the daily physical nourishment and environmental atmosphere for the inmates. Fr.Simon Prabhu-MSFS is the present Director of Friendly Home. A special preference is given to the most deserving children of our own MSFS Parishes and also the other children who are socially and economically backward and not well to do regardless of their particular Religion. All the children are studying in our SFS School Alangayam. This year (2015-16) four of them (boys) arrived newly. These children are trained to build their genuine relationship with one another and become well-disciplined in their character and be prompt in their response to learn good habits. Every year a volunteer come from Germany to help our children in improving their English language. Besides learning their respective class subjects, they are also taught music, dance, singing, farming, physical education, art and crafts, spoken English, yoga, general cleaning of the surroundings, reading, writing, and the value of listening. This Institute is registered under section 10 of the Tamil Nadu Act, 1975 (Sl. No. 90/2013) in the name of Alangayam FIAT Society i.e. “Alangayam Fransalian Institute for Aid Training Society”. The children and their actual backgrounds and whereabouts had been inspected time and again by the CWC and DCPO Vellore. The application for JJ Act was forwarded in the year 2014 (one copy to Chennai and one to Vellore).