Date of Registration: 04 / 2013

The Registration Number and year of registration: 90 / 2013

Presented by (President): Fr. K. Ignaci Muthu- The Provincial of South East India Province


Friendly home had its humble beginning by the grace of God and with the hard work of MSFS Confreres from South – East India Province. And it was started in the year 2011 with just 16 children. This dream project is run by the SEIP Province in collaboration with our priests working in Germany and their parishes in Germany. The initiative was taken by Fr. JB. Thadews and his parishners play a leading role in this project. Amidst the struggles and hardships to get the necessary land and buildings the congregation of MSFS helped greatly to initiate the new society of Fransalians to aid and train the children and youth who are either full-orphans or semi-orphans. Responding to the great voice of our founder Fr.Peter Marie Mermier who said, “I want mission”, the MSFS Fathers materialized this social yet educational project for the Rural and poorest children.

Friendly Home is known as a Children´s Village where we give the poor children, who are orphans or semi-orphans, good education and accommodation in a family set up. It was inaugurated on 13 June 2011. It is not a single unit of building but several units of buildings. At present we have completed four houses and an Admin Block, while another new house is being built in full swing. When Friendly Home was started, it had only one house having 16 children with a care-taker. In June 2012, the second house was ready and that year we had in each unit 13 children. On 18 September 2012, the third house was inaugurated by Rev. Fr. A. Dharmaraj, the then Provincial, in the presence of the benefactors from Germany. The fourth house and administrative blocks were also blessed by him on 9th November, 2013 in the presence of friends from Eifel, Germany. This unit-system and houses are created to give the children a family-feeling of their own, whereby love, concern and care are shared by its members, care-takers and fathers.

Fr. A. Jeyakumar was appointed as the first Director of the Friendly Home. Fr. L. Arul Sundaram succeeded him in June 2012. There were 16 children (9 girls and 7 boys) in the first year. Some of them are coming from Christian families and others from Hindu background. Among the 16 children 4 of them are orphans and rest of them are semi orphans. And that year we recruited 10 children (6 girls & 4 boys). Fr. M. Simon Prabhu was appointed as the third Director of Friendly Home in May 2014. That year eight children were recruited and in 2015 the following year five more children were given admissions to Friendly Home. Friendly Home Unit-II emerged on 19-10-2015, in Janathapuram with the blessings and providence of God. The foundation stone for the 2nd unit was laid by Very Rev. Fr. A. Dharma Raj, the Provincial of South East India Province in the presence of of Mr. Jurgen Steinmetz, Mr. Ferdinand Steffen and Rev. Fr. Thadews from Germany. Currently Fr. Johnson is working as the Director there along with a care taker to care for the eight boys who were promoted from Friendly Home Unit I, Alangayam as they had completed their primary schooling. In June 2016 Fr. L. Sahaya Basker became the fourth Director of Friendly Home Unit I. He recruited 12 children for the academic year 2016-2017. In May 2017 Fr. X. George Navin was appointed as the new Director to FH unit I, Alangayam. This year ten new children were recruited into FH.

There are four caretakers who have either completed teacher training (B.Ed.) studies or specialised in one of the degree course. They take care of the children and take regular tuition for them. On working days the children have their study time in the morning and go to school at 8:50 am and they come back at 3.45 pm. Thereafter they have their games and tea, followed by tuition. On holidays the children have a variety of activities namely study, singing class, spoken English, gardening and games. Every year a volunteer from Germany comes over here to serve the little children by way of teaching them spoken English, music and disciplinary activities. This year Ms. Hanna Goebel is doing her voluntary service here in FH.

As of now, (2018) we have 51 children being taken care of (40 children in Unit I and 11 children in Unit II). There are 24 boys and 27 girls who are well looked after by the care-takers who voluntarily serve these children towards a disciplined and ordered life. There are 08 orphan children and 43 semi-orphan children in friendly home Alangayam.

(See Rule 15 of the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Rule 1975) Notice of Situation of the Registered Office of the Society under Subsection (1) of section 13 of the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 1975 (Tamil Nadu Act 27 of 1975)