Our Services


  1. Education:

DSC_002826101 [Max Width 1024 Max Height 768]The most important weapon to eliminate poverty is the responsibility in imparting education to all. Keeping this in mind and heeding the voice of our founder Fr.Peter Marie Mermier we the Fransalians had launched a new project to educate the poorest of the poor and provide a dignified life and friendly atmosphere to the orphan and semi-orphan children. Our orientation towards them is to cultivate good manners and well-disciplined life among the abandoned children and tell them about their real worth and future. We provide free education to those children admitted in friendly home in our own English medium schools and train them to equip themselves to become tomorrow’s leaders of this great nation and of the wider world at large.

  1. Medical Aid:

Following the footsteps of Jesus who said, “Heal the sick and search the lost, and help the weak”, we give physical treatment for our children besides necessary medical intervention when it’s most needed. Minor sicknesses of friendly home children, there is a chief Doctor to advise the children and inmates when they fall sick and weak.

  1. Accommodation and Food:

DSC03212 [Max Width 1024 Max Height 768]The children at Friendly home reside in well constructed homes. In each house, children’s needs and their immediate wants are taken care of. Free accommodation and safety measures are provided to every child who come from very poor family backgrounds .Rich-food is prepared fresh at every single meal time by the two cooks. We feed the children with Vitamins, and other snacks and milk in the evening.

  1. Social Formation:

Keeping in mind the goal of friendly home, namely, ”To make a new generation” We form our children socilally involved. Towards this we conduct a lot of social awareness program. The  children also show lot of enthusiasm in the social issues. Every Saturday evening we have social evening in which the children discuss social issues. On every first Sunday the children organize Children Parliament