Vision & Mision

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Vision-Mission Statement

We as Fransalians commit ourselves whole heartedly to create students as persons fully human who are intellectually and physically formed with spiritual strength and social approach. We engage ourselves together with Staff and Students Cultivating in their minds and hearts a responsibility to stand for truth and values following the great example lived and proclaimed by Jesus Christ and St. Francis de Sales. We promote social awareness in keeping the surroundings clean and neat. Programmes are conducted and meetings are held regarding saving Nature and proper usage of the Natural resources. Skill-development and leadership trainings are organized to bring about good society and building up a better world. The process of conscientizing the children to respect the elders and parents have brought more positive responses to our institutes.

More specifically in the social apostolate we provide human, educational, social, cultural and moral development for the poor children and people. And we create better living conditions to the orphan and semi orphan children and people around by living as brothers and sisters where we are.

  1. To educate and organize the poor children in order to preserve and improve the ecological conditions of the area.
  2. To enhance the physical, mental, social and spiritual health of the poor children in order to continue the great mission of Jesus Christ


Mission / Ministries

  1. The main Apostolate is Education
  2. Besides the Apostolate of Education, pastoral assistance is offered to the Vaniyambadi parish on regular basis and to other parishes when possible.
  3. The local catholic-people are assisted by the priests in their spiritual and human needs and development.
  4. The social Apostolate is merged hand in hand with the educational and Pastoral Apostolates.


Short Term / Long Term Objectives:

  • A vehicle for Friendly Home
  • Separate Science Lab
  • Free evening tuitions for the local children
  • To improve the economic conditions of the poor families by various means available, especially by improved methods of agriculture, diary-farming, poultry-farming, bee-keeping etc…, and by providing technical education, job opportunities, starting co-operative societies, small scale industries etc…